Have you virtually visited your relative’s memorials at FindAGrave?

Even if you have seen the stone yourself, there mayfind-a-grave be information there that you don’t have–perhaps links to burials of other family members or additional information on the Memorial Page.

If you have not seen the stone, FindAGrave can be a great place to get a digital image of that stone.

Just remember to double check “non-stone” information with other sources. Some submitters pay more attention to accuracy than others.

But it’s always great to get a picture of the stone.



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  1. I’ve found FindAGrave to be very helpful. One must be aware that the information supplied by the submitter may be inaccurate or incomplete.

  2. One thing I have noticed, especially if I follow a link to a family grave on FamilySearch – FamilySearch may sometimes state that there is NO picture. But if I follow that link and go to FindAGrave there is almost always a picture. So I would suggest always follow the link to be sure.

  3. Please remember that the photo is the property of the photographer, and you must always request permission to use that photo, e.g., in a family history, or on your blog, or sharing with others. Many people don’t understand the property-issue, and copy willy-nilly.

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