Sometimes it is simply faster to mark up a map with what you know–especially when people of the same name are moving around and appearing in a variety of records.

Failing to acknowledge geography can cause problems.

And sometimes it is simply faster to notate in pencil as you are thinking. There will always be time later to make a neat copy if necessary.

Sometimes making a neat copy slows me down and I lose my train of thought.

I always have blank copies of maps on paper so I can start taking notes “geographically” when necessary.

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  1. Oh, no! I think that way as well. LOL! I have lots of paper, pencils, colored pens, white & multi-colored index cards. I found maps on Pintrist but didn’t know if any websites were printable. I might check in with local school 4 maps & history.

    • There is a site “Free Printable”. He offers. stationary, calendars, certificates, coloring pages — everything and office of a teacher might want. He does have maps. Google “FreePrintable” and see what turns up. I suscribe.

  2. I do that, too, and found out I need multiple copies of maps of the same area because everybody married everybody else who lived anywhere near and all my families are all mixed up.

  3. Late to the party…but…what a great idea! This could work if you are trying to break through a brick wall as well. If I had maps current to the time period my great grandfather seems to have vanished I would at a minimum have a visual of where he had or had not been up to a certain date. County boundaries would have been different then which might give me a ‘view’ into where I have not looked. THANKS Michael!

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