It is not unusual in pre-1900 newspaper articles to see the phrase “please copy” at the end of the article along with a name of a newspaper or city. That was a notation that the story would hold some interest for the readers of that paper as well.

That phrase “please copy Warsaw Signal” could be a clue the person mentioned in the article would be known to readers of that paper.

And that could be a clue.

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  1. Who or what determined what other newspapers would be invited to ‘please copy’? I’d like to find the notices posted in those newspapers. Do those papers copy the death notice exactly or do the rewrite according to the space available.
    A 1936 death notice for my grandfather, James Wesley Pace, closes with that very note for five different cities. I don’t know what to do with that information if I don’t know the name(s) of the out-of-town newspapers and what other resources I can investigate using these clues prompted by the ‘please copy’ statement. Any suggestions?

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