Sometimes one needs an extra set of eyes to look at your problem. It may be:

  • a local who knows the local records and sources because they grew up in the area and have lived there for years;
  • a native who speaks the language that you do not:
  • a professional who is familiar with the type of complicated problem you have;

    Sometimes you need a local expert familiar with all the dirt to help you dig. Riley is not a genealogical expert.  He is a digging expert.

  • a genealogical acquaintance who is generally familiar with research, willing to review your material with an open eye and an open mind, and is able to critique your work without it disrupting your friendship.

Before you have anyone help you on your problem:

  • organize what you have;
  • actually review what you have;
  • determine where you got what you have
  • compile what you have so someone else can follow it.

Here are some ways to find these people:

  • Join local-based genealogical or historical groups on Facebook;
  • inquire at the local library, county seat library, etc.;
  • ask at the county courthouse if there is anyone who does research or is familiar with the old records;
  • join a local genealogy group in your own area.




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  1. Thank u, I have already done several of these things. Going to start put in chronilogicAL order of time along with pictures and places that I know are correct.

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