Many genealogists receive emails, Facebook posts, and other digital communication in such a way that the headline and a sentence or two is what shows on the screen.

Keep in mind there’s often more than just the headline and the introductory sentence or two. The headline is intended to catch your attention and the first few sentences should summarize the content. But there should be details in the rest of the article or post that expand on the headline and make the point or points summarized in the first two sentences.

If the headline and the first few sentences strikes your interest–read the rest of the item before commenting or asking a question. The author may have addressed your concern, answered your question, or provided an additional reference, etc. Some authors don’t, but good ones do.

We try to create headlines here that will generate interest without misleading and we also try to expand on that first sentence. Our tips are short–but that’s our focus.

Always take time to read the whole thing before you ask or comment–if nothing else, you may save yourself time.

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