County borders are important, but they are not the only ones that can change. Borders for smaller political jurisdictions, such as cities and townships, can change as well.  My “Pennsylvania problem” required a knowledge of when the townships changed. In my case it was those borders that was the problem, not the county ones. 



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  1. Street names can change as well. The name of my street name was changed when it was taken into the city because there was already a street by that name.

  2. Terminology differs from area to area too. In some sections of upstate New
    York, what are called townships in other parts of the county are called “towns.”
    The seriously populated areas are not towns in those cases but are called
    villages, even when quite large.

  3. Many coastal towns in colonial America were large and were later divided. For example, the Salem witch trials were in a part of (then) Salem then called Salem Village, now the town of Danvers.

  4. Michael,
    Please share where you found this information. I would like to find this information for several areas in Pennsylvania.

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