Name spellings that interchange vowels with consonants (or the other way around), usually create spellings that have a different soundex code. A Soundex search for Chaney will not catch the Chaney spelling.

The exceptions are for names that have more than three separate consonant sounds after the initial letter. Letters after the third consonant sound (after the first letter) are ignored in Soundex searches.



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  1. Today’s new genealogy folks never heard of Soundex. ” What is that?” is the reply I get when mentioning soundex while volunteering at the state archives. With many records now available online, understanding the soundex is not as important as previously. When the indexers have massacred your ancestor’s name, the soundex and filmed census records come to the rescue!

    • The Soundex can come to your rescue then. Knowing how it works is also helpful when choosing the “Soundex” option on some sites that allow it. Some people have no idea how that search really works.

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