If you had relatives who were college graduates, have you contacted the school’s archives to see if they have information on your relative? You might not find a textbook like I did, but you never know until you try.

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  1. Yes I did as a matter of fact, but still learning about pdf documents downloading what I want copied not the whole book.Found several family members in a 400 page book on the regestration At WSCin 1918-1919 school year.

  2. I too found someone who had attended college, graduating about 1911. A family member had the program from graduation, which included a short summary of his time at the university. I contacted the archivist at the college who sent me a little info about the relative, as well as a short history of the college and some info about the college at the time the relative attended. Archivists are wonderful!!

  3. My very first foray into genealogy was a letter to a university alumni office. My husband died knowing virtually nothing about his family, and the only thing I knew was that his father was a veterinarian who had died when Bill was an infant. I didn’t know I was about to embark on something called genealogy when I flung a dart and it hit home. Bill had been raised in an orphanage in New York State so I guessed Cornell University. Not only was it the right school, but they sent me his registration info with parents and grandparents’ names, addresses and more, but they included an excerpt from his yearbook. A second letter to the historical society in his hometown led to an unknown cousin. I was hooked, and genealogy has been my all-consuming hobby ever since. That was almost 30 years ago.

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