There is still time to join me on my annual group trip to the Allen County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana., this June. More details are on our announcement page.
There are alternate spellings because records clerks had issues or did not care. There are alternate spellings because your relative could not read or did not care. But then there are those individuals whose last names are, for the most part, spelled consistently–this is more often the case the more recent the relative. Various members of my Trautvetter family used other renditions, particularly Troutvetter and Trouftetter. I don’t correct the spelling of the name if they used something else. Christian Troutfetter, who went to Kansas used Troutfetter in virtually every record and signed his name that way in every handwritten signature I have for him (and it’s how the name is on his stone). His descendants use that spelling to this day. Another member of the family used […]
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After your ancestor’s deed is recorded in the local records office, the original is returned. Sometimes there may be a notation in the record book indicating to whom the deed was returned after being recorded. It may not be your ancestor. That’s a clue.
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