That one record you’ve found, a deed, a death certificate, a will, an estate settlement, probably was created because something else happened. For some documents it may be obvious what caused the document to have been created. But a deed? Why was the property being sold? Was the couple planning to move? Had they fallen on hard times? If a guardianship was filed and the parents were still alive, what was the reason? Was there an inheritance that someone didn’t want a parent frittering away? Always ask if what you are seeing or have located is just the shadow of a larger event. Records weren’t created in isolation. And even if you know what caused a document to have been created ask yourself what other documents might also […]
We’ve converted my AncestryDNA class into a series of presentations–no “online attendance.” Download and view at your convenience. More details on our announcement page–take advantage of our introductory rate.
Genealogical databases on some websites change. Information is updated. Corrections are added. Occasionally images are improved. Always include the date on which you accessed a database and performed a search–so that if it is updated, you know when you searched it last and for whom you searched. See our post on‘s changes to one database. 
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