Quit Surfing and Do Something

It can be easy to waste “research” time by mindlessly looking at online sites for one thing or another.  Some ways to avoid these time wasting activities are:

  • make a list of research tasks you wish to accomplish;
  • turn your internet connection off;
  • make a list of documents to transcribe;
  • make a list of “done” ancestors that should be reviewed;
  • set a schedule of when to go back and check a site for an update to a database (daily is probably excessive);
  • lists in general are good.

Chasing some research leads down those “rabbit holes” can be a good thing–sometimes. But it can be easy to waste an inordinate amount of time chasing after half-baked, uncooked leads on your computer, when you’ve got three perfectly good cookies sitting on the counter.  The only problem is that you have to get off your chair to get them.