This session will provide an overview of the records to expect at the typical United States county courthouseā€“focusing on local vital, court, probate, and property records. It includes: a general overview of the general types of records to expect, use of indexes and finding aids; how to organize your searches and set a search strategy, preparing for an onsite visit. Geared towards advanced beginner and beginning intermediate researchers. Michael has been researching his own genealogy in American courthouses since the 1980s (since he was thirteen) and is an experienced courthouse researcher. The presentation and handout can be ordered for immediate download via the following link: order at the intro rate of $19.99 through 11:59 pm on 27 September
There is no date listed for the estate sale of Thomas J. Rampley in Coshocton County, Ohio. However, a review of other materials recorded with that estate sale suggested the date of the sale was August or September of 1823. The precise date was not crucial to my personal research, but if it had contained the last reference to Christianna Rampley, Thomas’ wife, then it would have been. Because I inferred the date of the sale from other records, I need to include that reasoning somewhere when I use it. That’s what was done on the image that is a part of this post. My citation is not perfect (it’s missing the date I downloaded the image), but other key elements are there even if the format and […]
The word “moiety” generally means half of something. The word is often used in real estate documents to indicate a half-interest in a piece of property.
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