We all have those people we can’t find in certain records for one reason or another and there comes a time when it’s time to move on and search for another record or another person. But I’ve thought about creating a master list of those people and the records in which I can’t find them (along with where I’ve searched before and how). That “Can’t Find them List” is something that periodically I could refer to and try again. Not every week or every month, but maybe a few times a year when I’m in need of a break from whatever I’m working on. Databases do get updated. New records are discovered. Researchers realize they have made mistakes. Instead of scouring my files for things I’ve not found, […]
Not having an 1890 census as a source is a hindrance for those of us with American ancestors during that time period. While there is a fragment of the census available (and a very small fragment at that), the fact remains that most will never see their relative in the 1890 census. That can create a research gap which creates challenges. Sometimes writers, advertisers, and the fee-based websites will mention a substitute of sorts. It’s more accurate to refer to anything else (that “substitute”) as a 1890 era source that should be utilized. City directories, tax lists, voter lists, newspapers are all touted as substitutes. The reality is they are sources that should be utilized anyway, even during those time periods when the census is available. They aren’t […]
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