Understanding the record creation process can help us to understand how mistakes and errors creep into records. That entry for mother’s maiden name that we are viewing in the birth register. It could have been transcribed by the records clerk from the actual birth certificate filled out by the doctor whose handwriting was not the best. The doctor asked the baby’s mother what her maiden name was and really could not understand what was said. There are several steps from your ancestor’s mouth to your eyeball: ancestor’s mouth doctor’s ear doctor’s brain doctor wrote it down clerk read it clerk’s brain clerk wrote it down record was microfilmed record was digitized record got to you Not every record has all these steps–some have fewer and occasionally there are […]
Naturalization: An Un-natural Process This presentation will focus on US records of naturalization. There will be discussion of Colonial era naturalizations as well as those into the 20th century. Emphasis will be on records that were created, how those records fit into the larger naturalization process, and how to access and interpret those records. A variety of records and research situations will be used to illustrate key principles and concepts. Handout included. Session will be held live at 2:30 pm on 2 April 2021–recordings can be ordered for those who cannot attend live. Live attendance registration 2 April 2021 at 2:30 pm central —$14.00 (limited seating) Pre-order recording–$12.49 (recording available and sent on 3 April)
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