Is it possible that your relative was married one more time than you think? I was working on a family for a friend and initial difficulties finding the marriage of the known couple were because the female had been married before to a man who died approximately three months after their marriage. The marriage of the known couple actually lasted only about a year and a half when the wife died the day after giving birth to their child. Sometimes those short marriages can be easy to overlook, but they can generate just as much genealogical information as marriages that lasted decades–even if they don’t result in children.
We are offering a small group trip to the Allen County Public Library’s Genealogy Collection in August of 2021. The library is located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and houses one of the nation’s largest genealogical collection. Registration is limited. The trip will follow the library’s protocols for health and safety. The trip will be the first week of August 2021. Additional details are on our announcement page.
When a name gets passed down, people often think it’s from someone in the same generation as the parents or grandparents of the person who has the family name. That name can easily come from a generation or two further back. A parent could easily have chosen a name of one of their grandparents to give their child or from a beloved aunt or uncle who was actually one of their grandparents’ siblings. That family name may come from a little further back than you think. And don’t just assume that the first person you find with the same name in the tree is where the person got the name from. There may be another person you haven’t found yet who is the reason the name was passed […]
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