Unwritten Clues

There is a picture of my Dad and my brother taken in the early 1970s. My Dad is wearing a pair of dress slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. My Dad rarely dressed up–most pictures of him are in jeans and some form of work shirt.

My immediate thought was “where were we all going?”

Sure enough, my Mother had written the month and year when the photo was taken and the name of the cousin whose wedding we were getting ready to attend. The picture was taken in the front yard of the home where we live.

Many documents, records, and pictures have unwritten clues that can be just as important as the statements and images that are straightforward. Sometimes those unwritten clues are more important than other ones. Sometimes those unwritten clues cannot be noticed until we have seen a lot of other records or documents and have a point of reference.

That’s the case with the picture of my Dad. If that was the only picture of my Dad I had and he had some sort of “office job,” the attire might not have been noteworthy. But in this case it was.