Don’t forget to look for the entire family in a city directory. In this small town the others were easy to see, but in an urban area it wouldn’t have been so obvious that the wife and children were living in a separate location. Geo. Trask (listed at 110 E. North Street) is the husband of the Jennie Trask living on Beecher Avenue. There’s not other individuals with these first names living in the area and both of them died well after 1930.

In this example, everyone with a dot by their name in the illustration were members of the same family, but for some reason the husband (George) was living at a separate address. The householder is listed as “Mrs. Jennie Trask” and the others living at the Beecher Avenue address are all listed as residing there–suggesting that Jennie is the homeowner or the actual renter of the property.

The 1930 census may shed some light on the family situation.



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  1. This is a very valuable tip. Also worth mentioning, some directories have street-by-street listings (behind the alphabetical listings) of every address and who resides there. This was helpful to me in trying to track a Smith relative in an urban area; a valuable clue that “my” Maria Smith was still alive was that her grandson-in-law lived at the same address.

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