Those Ordered Negatives

I’ve been using my new slide and negative scanner to scan my parents’ photographic negatives. None of them have any identification on them. although some of them are still in the envelopes which contained the photographic prints and returned negatives. Most of those envelopes at least have a year on them which has been helpful in dating them. Fortunately most of the negatives are from pictures taken during my life time.

The problem is that in some cases, an individual strip of negatives has ended up in an envelope of pictures taken at another point in time. Sometimes I notice this and other times I do not–depends on the pictures.

I located a negative strip that had pictures of my mother’s grade school class. It was in an envelope that contained pictures of my children that would have been taken in the mid-1990s. I assumed the classroom picture was taken at the same time. It was not. It was taken ten years earlier.

Just remember that even when something seems fairly organized it may not be as organized as you think.