I’ve seen the picture numerous times. The print is blurry and faded and the image I made from the negative using my scanner is blurry as well, but the colors are better than in the print.

I never really looked closely at what I was holding. I was more concerned about trying to figure out who the woman on the right is (spoiler alert: I still am not certain). But upon closer inspection, I realized that I am holding my Dad’s brownie camera with the big flash.

Don’t forget to take one more look at a record, an image, or a file to see if there is something you have failed to notice. Sometimes we get so focused on one aspect of something that we miss other clues. In this case, my holding of the camera is not a huge deal. Other times those overlooked clues make all the difference in the world.



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  1. Looks to me like your hand is up at your jaw, so Dad’s hand must be through the strap on the camera as he holds you, too. I know I wouldn’t have let you hold the camera at that age. LOL

    • I see it now. One more thing I did not immediately notice. Yes, in hindsight he would not have let me hold it myself.

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