How Did They Meet?

One interesting genealogical activity is to try and determine how your relatives met their spouses.

Marriage requires a geographical proximity and, with the exception of online dating and personals ads, the initial connection does as well. My parents and grandparents met through geographic proximity based upon where they grew up. For their siblings that was true as well with the addition of moves for higher education and military service being added to the mix.

I had one great-aunt whose initial connection to her husband had always puzzled me. A re-reading of her obituary suggested the likely connection. The great-aunt had finished out her high school career while living with her grandmother some thirty miles from where she grew up and where she had attended her first three years of high school. She later attended nursing training in the town that was the county seat in the county in which the grandmother lived. The husband was from in between those two towns.

My statement would be that while I don’t know exactly how they met it seems probable that their initial meeting was when she was living with her grandmother or attending nurse’s training.

When drawing inferences one needs to be careful and indicate that inferences have been made.

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