My great-uncle and his wife divorced in the 1930s. She married twice after that and was widowed both times. Her name is on her second husband’s tombstone along with her year of birth. The year of death is blank. She’s buried in a separate cemetery with an individual marker listing her with the last name of her third husband.

A blank year of death on a stone that was “prepped” before one of the spouses died may be left blank because the surviving spouse was buried elsewhere or because no one bothered to have the date inscribed. Don’t assume they aren’t buried there, but don’t assume they are either.



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  1. When my grandfather passed the headstone was “prepped” with my grandmother’s name/birth info. When she passed, my father (an only child) “prepped” the same headstone with his name/birth info.
    When he died, he was inurned in a veteran’s cemetery in another state. I had the headstone completed with his death info and buried some of his ashes in the plot. So, yes, he is in both places.

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