When I think of yearbooks, I think of ones from high school or college. Grades earlier than that usually do not come to mind.

That’s a mistake.

The image in the illustration is from a 1954 yearbook from John Deere Junior High School in Moline, Illinois. This publication included 9th graders and 8th graders. The original is in the possession of a descendant of one of the young ladies shown in their home economics classroom.

Historical societies or local libraries may have copies of these yearbooks or could give you direction in locating copies. Some of them may have been scanned and made available digitally online. Another search approach may be to reach out to online groups for the towns where the school was located and see if anyone has copies or knows of someone who does.



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  1. I have a few Jr. High yearbooks in my collection at the library where I work. I went from grades 7-12 in the high school bldg. Split shifts in Jr High and no separate bldg. I know my picture was taken during those years but I never looked to see if Jr. High was included in the high school yearbooks. I’ll have to check that out!

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