Do you map out or record somewhere those names you have for places that you, and maybe only a few other people, know? Growing up we had names for various parcels of property that our grandparents or parents had slowly acquired over the years. Usually those names were for former owners. One name may have been for a former tenant on the property–I’m not exactly certain.

And one name was a severe mangling of the name of a previous owner. It took me a while to figure that one out.

But record those names. It may even be helpful to map them out as well.



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  1. I am involved the Ray County Missouri Genealogical Association. Looking through the old newspapers there are news from “Onion Hill”. I wondered where it was for a long and finally realized that Alfred Kincaid was submitting the news. I looked him up on the census for that time frame and figured it out where “Onion Hill” was in Ray County.

    • That was a good idea. There was one column in one of my local papers where the submitter used some sort of pseudonym and a place name I had not heard of. Fortunately, they mentioned a function at the local one-room school (and named it) which helped me to locate it.

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