If you have a newspaper clipping that is undated and unsourced, flip it over. Anything can be a potential clue as to location or date, even classified ads. One obit I found in a set of clippings had a date, but no name of the newspaper. Flipping it over I found the classified ads. The phone numbers and street names suggested it was from a nearby town of 40,000 and not one of the small towns near where the relative actually died. Accessing newspapers from that town allowed me to locate the digital image of the newspaper with the same obituary I had in the clipping.
I know cemetery photographs can be tagged with GPS coordinates, but there are times when a picture just makes it easier to find a stone again or indicate to someone where it is. This photograph was one of several taken at the Lutheran Cemetery in Peoria, Peoria County, Illinois, to give an idea of where the stone of interest was located. I should have indicated in the image what road I was standing on as well. Closeups of stones are great, but perspective helps. In addition to background shots, take photos of adjacent stones and a picture showing the relative position of those stones to the stone of interest. Genealogy Tip of the Day book number two is in the final stages. You can add yourself to the mailing […]
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