This is your periodic genealogy reminder: do not assume. Unfounded assumptions are one of the largest contributors to “brick walls.” Whenever you think you know something, ask yourself “how do I know this?” “Because it has to be true” is usually not an adequate reason. Do some research.
There are several things a genealogist can do to create their own stumbling blocks. One of those things is to assume that every family is the same and that the dynamics in your family are how every family functions. In my family every one knew everyone else’s age. No one’s age was a secret and shading years off your age was futile because someone would call you out on it. It had nothing to do with genealogy at all. I later learned that not all families are like that. It also took me a while to understand the dynamics of larger families (I have one sibling. My father had one sibling and my mother had no siblings who lived beyond infancy). They can be significantly different that smaller […]
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