Is there a First Name You Know Nothing Of?

Those “missing” relatives could be hiding under a first name of which you are not aware. I have two great-aunts (one by birth and one by marriage) had actual first names that they never used past their childhood. They used their middle names as their “legal” name. That middle name is on all their documents, their tombstone, etc.

Except in records before they were married–those all list them by their “real” first name.

Is someone hiding in records because they have another name of which you are not aware?


3 thoughts on “Is there a First Name You Know Nothing Of?

  1. Bonnie Burkhardt

    Happened to me recently…was looking for Bessie and when I finally found her…her first and middle name were Margaret Elizabeth. Bessie was a nickname.

  2. Tina M

    When I first began my research, I was surprised, then it became a family joke, that everyone’s first name was Johann or Maria and then everyone used their middle name. Seriously!
    On my dad’s side, everyone went by their middle name. Has made for too many interesting stories to tell here.

  3. Donna

    My Mom’s name was Velma Darlene. She went by Darlene and when legal papers needed the first name she usually signed V. Darlene.


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