A Few Reminders…

We’ve picked up quite a few new fans, followers, and readers from somewhere–and we’re thankful for that.cropped-tipofday.jpg

With that in mind, here’s a few things about Genealogy Tip of the Day

  • Tips are meant to be short. They are not meant to be complete academic treatment of subjects, terms. Our intent is to make people aware of topics, terms, ideas, etc. or to remind them about them.
  • Tips cover a variety of skill levels. We have readers who are seasoned researchers and those who’ve been researching for a short period of time. We welcome everyone who wants to follow.
  • I only write about things with which I am familiar.  I don’t write about everything under the sun or popular topics just to generate traffic. I usually write tips as I’m actually researching or writing and only research my children’s ancestry–my ahnentafel is online for those who have an interest.
  • I don’t do “genealogy news.” You won’t find recycled press releases on this site.
  • I am thankful for all the support Genealogy Tip of the Day has received and for all our readers, followers, and fans.

I sometimes switch between “we” and “I” when referring to myself. Genealogy Tip of the Day is one person–there is no office staff <grin>.