Connect With Non-Relatives With Kin in the Same Area

If you cannot locate relatives who are interested in your ancestor, have you at least tried and contacted other genealogists who are researching in the same location?

While they might not be related, they might have ideas for sources or repositories where you should conduct your research. Others might know what records have been microfilmed or digitized, etc.

Don’t just limit yourself to trying to find relatives–others with similar areas of research may be able to help you even more.

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4 thoughts on “Connect With Non-Relatives With Kin in the Same Area

  1. Ann A.

    Local historical and/or genealogical societies can also be a huge help. They might know relatives or who these “non-relatives” are. They might even be willing to make the initial contact to see if the person would want to hear from you.

  2. Cathy McKenna

    I am looking for my dads side. Andrew McDonnell Rowell, Charity Rowell, Rachel Easter
    My dads name was Harry Edward Rowell born in Barron Wisconsin, His mother was Charity (Spores) Rowell

  3. Nan Bailey

    This is a great tip. Also, some genealogical magazines have lists of people’s research interests and societies in places where you are researching. I have found the societies very helpful, though they often charge a search fee to help with specific names you are interested in. They have connected me with other researchers if the same family.

  4. Kat

    My observation in my home county is that while I may not be kin to someone, they are kin to someone that I AM kin to. In small communities there were not a lot of families to marry into.


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