One Year Given Off the Cuff

I had to sign my daughter up for one online class in order to complete her degree in May of 2017. I was asked the year she graduated high school. I was not 100% certain and realized (or hoped) that being a year off wouldn’t be a problem.

What is the chance your relative guessed on a date because they thought it would not be a problem…and, after all, who is ever going to see this in one hundred years?


3 thoughts on “One Year Given Off the Cuff

  1. Patty Gilbert

    I know, I’ve been thinking & looking at dates in particular. Either b4 or later than thought. Some dates r absolutely clueless timewise. I really appreciate this information as I would get frustrated not knowing. U make me feel like I am smarter than I thought I was. Thank u for that.

  2. Mary

    My grandfather started college during the Great Depression. We always knew he was not able to finish because of finances but I found out he was so close! I have been able to determine, through his transcripts and yearbooks I’ve found online, that he stopped and restarted and ended up not finishing one semester short of his degree. I cannot imagine how disappointing that had to be.


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