Jumping to the Correct Conclusion

I always assumed that my great-grandparents met because they grew up on farms a few miles apart. It’s an easy conclusion as proximity facilitates relationships. But there was more to it. I learned later that he worked for a few years as a hired man for his future mother-in-law. It’s not unusual for the hired man to marry one of the daughters. It’s not those details that are the point.

The reminder is that we should not quit looking for “reasons” just because we have the reason. We may not know the whole story. While our initial “reason” may be valid, the other reasons may provide additional insight and research suggestions.

Jumping to the correct conclusion can sometimes limit us. But it is better than jumping to the wrong conclusion.

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3 thoughts on “Jumping to the Correct Conclusion

  1. toni

    Yup. Great grandpa worked for great grandma’s dad. They married in 1882 and 7 months later their first baby was born.


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