Did That Place Name Change?

It is possible that the place you can’t find is no longer known by that name? Sometimes the names of places are changed–for a variety of reasons. And it’s possible that the “place name” you were given is a nickname of sorts that was only used by a few locals.

I know where the Habben corner is in Hancock County, Illinois, but hardly anyone refers to it by that name today. It’s not on any maps, but may be mentioned in an old newspaper or other published account.

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3 thoughts on “Did That Place Name Change?

  1. Patty

    That’s also what happened locally here in Idaho. In fact I have no clue what people r talking about unless they say the name it used to be.

  2. Kim Elizabeth

    Street names have been changed a lot in some areas, especially here in Daytona Beach. Some were renamed after famous auto racers back when they still raced on the beach. Some were changed for various other reasons. Looking in an old city directory or on a Sanborn map, will often give you the current name with the old name in parenthesis. That has helped me a lot over the years!

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author

      That comment about Sanborn maps is a good one. I may have to use that for a future tip. Thanks Kim!


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