Our Goals–for Us and for You

Our goals at Genealogy Tip of the Day are relatively simple. We want you to:

  • think about the genealogical information you obtain–broadly put, “how accurate is it?”
  • think about “how” you research–am I interacting with information or reacting to it?
  • be aware of “overlooked” sources–am I always using the same sources for every problem?
  • be reminded of things that you may have forgotten–we all forget!
  • remember that no one knows everything
  • stay excited about your research–your ancestors’ story needs to be uncovered

We do have to sell things to keep the doors open–but all are welcome to hang around and participate whether they make a purchase or not. And…we don’t mention or link to anything that we have not actually purchased ourselves.

And…as some of you know, there’s no “we” here…just me. Unless you count the dog <grin>.

West Point Cemetery, West Point, Hancock County, Illinois, taken 28 May 2017 by Michael John Neill–it’s ok to break the rules when taking photographs. I think that my shadow in the picture makes a statement–and it’s not obstructing anything anyway.



4 thoughts on “Our Goals–for Us and for You

  1. Marcia Wilson


    I am writing to ask permission to reprint “What I Wish I Had Known” from July 3, 2016, in our county historical-genealogical society’s quarterly newsletter. Cornsilk is circulated to our membership of 200 in DeKalb County Illinois. You would of course be credited for the article.

    Thank you for your consideration of this request.

    Marcia Wilson
    Editor, Cornsilk
    DeKalb County Historical-Genealogical Society
    Sycamore, IL

    1. michaeljohnneill Post author


      That’s fine–thanks for asking.
      Please include the blog title and date of publication–the lengthy web address is not necessary. The main domain name will suffice.
      I’m glad you found it worth sharing with your readers.


  2. Ruth

    I agree. Your shadow in the picture adds a touch that I’m sure you’re descendants will find very endearing.


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