Avoid Pronouns and Relationships

When writing an identification on a photograph or “what you remember about the ‘old days,'” avoid using pronouns (he, she, them) and relationship words (Grandma, Uncle, Aunt, etc.). Someone years later will not know which Grandma Neill to whom you are referring and sprinkling “he” and “she” too frequently in your writing may confuse.

Use specific names to avoid making someone years later wonder to whom you were referring.


2 thoughts on “Avoid Pronouns and Relationships

  1. Patty

    Especially if u have a grandmother, sister & niece. With the same name. I have a leather postcard addressed to whom I thought was to my grandmother, but more recently , actually about 6 yrs later I really looked at it and whom it was addressed to. Age wise it couldn’t be her so who was it? Aha! It was her mother, that actually finally made sense considering it was from the uncle in college. Both women same name.


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