Years Can Easily Be Off

This World War I draft card for Malerbi Alighiero indicated he was born in 1916. It’s clearly an error on the part of the registrant. It’s easy for a clerk (or anyone else) to make an error such as this. Transcribe the document as written and use the word “sic” to indicate that there is clearly an error:

The card for Alighiero indicated he was born in 1916[sic]

That way someone knows you did not make a transcription error.

And if you think a World War I draft registrant could have been born in 1916, a review of world history is in order.



2 thoughts on “Years Can Easily Be Off

  1. Patty

    So glad to see this in the exact document in particular as I just found my grandmothers 1st husband whom my uncle & my mother were named for but he may not be her father. Anyway, I have found two different birthdates 4 him. Also found that this man had 7 siblings and was born in Oregon instead of Idaho.I now have 4 states to work in finding documents. But what a wealth if information from one piece of paper. Thank u 4 the “sic” information too! Helps me considerably.


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