Clues Sponsored by a Baptism

Names of sponsors can tell you more than just who might have been related to the baby. This 1874 sponsorship provided evidence of Wilhelmina Kraft’s immigration to the United States and that she was still alive in 1874.


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3 thoughts on “Clues Sponsored by a Baptism

  1. Patty

    Well my problem is I can’t always read these documents. But I did get a book on how to write the abcs letters written in the 1800’s. It helps but not yet able to just read writing from back in the day. At least I’m working on it.

    1. Tracy

      That’s a great idea, Patty! I usually try to finger-trace the letters to see if I can ‘feel’ what the letters are, but hadn’t thought of actually learning to write in an older script.


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