Download Those Images

Download images of genealogical records as you find them. Do not assume that they will always be there or that you will always have access.

  • you may decide to cancel your subscription to that site
  • the site may use the ability to host the images
  • the image may get moved to where you can’t find it
  • you may forget how you got it in the first place

Once you download it, you have it. Back it up. File it in a way that you can find it again. Make certain the file name describes the image.


3 thoughts on “Download Those Images

  1. Bella

    Also, you never know when the “owner” of the document may yank it from public viewing. My great Aunt published a great historic account of her father’s wagon train. It was online, and a lot of people used it for referencing their own families. Luckily I own 2 copies, and have recently discovered that this book is now no longer for the public to view. However, I am at a loss as to the reason why. I just know that it COULD have been also “owned” by someone else who had it out there, and then they decided to yank it. Get the info / image while you can!


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