Naming Patterns and What “Has” to Happen

The first son was named for this, the second son was named for that, etc.

Keep in mind that these patterns are trends and social customs that your ancestor might have followed. They are not law.

Sometimes illustrations have nothing to do with the post, but Journey reminds you to keep reaching for the answers and don’t let a plant grow from the side of your head.

Your ancestor does not have to follow any of these “social mores.” They might,  but they might not. What your ancestor does have to do is:

  • Figure out how to get born.
  • Figure out how to get married (or at least reproduce)–this means living that long
  • Leave behind at least one record–although this seems optional sometimes

We are defining “ancestor” as someone from whom you descend–that’s why we say they have to reproduce even if they don’t get married.

Dying usually happens whether your ancestor planned for it or not.