Craving Information about Carvings

This is a picture of the tombstone of John H. Ufkes from Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery near Basco, Hancock County, Illinois. Discerning readers may notice that the inscription on this stone is pretty “crisp.” There is a reason for that.

The inscription on the stone has partially been “redone.”

It is a little easier to see in this photo of John’s wife, Noentje. The picture of her stone shows the “original” inscription a little better.

I don’t doubt the accuracy of the inscriptions, but I should make a note in my records that the inscription on this stone (at least the name and dates) appears to have been “redone.”

In this case, I don’t know when the inscription was remade. What I do remember is one of Johann and Noentje’s grandchildren (perhaps my grandfather told me–I can’t remember who) telling me that approximately 15-20 years ago, the grandchildren “chipped in” and had the names and dates on the stones re-etched. That should be in my notes as well–I just wish I remember who had told me.