Before Those DNA Test Results Come Back

We’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating. Instead of checking every thirty seconds to see if the results of that DNA test have been posted, consider doing the following while waiting for your DNA test results:

  • check for “weak links” in your family tree–can any be fixed with paper records?
  • work on documenting additional descendants of your ancestors through your third and fourth great-grandparents–descendants of earlier ancestors may easily connect in your DNA results as well, but that’s probably enough work for anyone during your DNA results wait. That will help you in analyzing your results when they do come back.
  • study up on the basics of DNA analysis;
  • remember that sorting your “known families you didn’t really test to learn about” will help you on your “real problems;”
  • revise your expectations–you won’t solve all problems immediately;
  • think about how you would respond to surprises–“close” relatives who are completely unexpected

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