The Tree You Created for that DNA Match

You’ve got a DNA match that will not communicate with you and has a tree that names only their parents. You’ve been able to, using obituaries and other online sources get the tree back a few generations where you start using census and other online images of records. But in the more recent generations, you don’t have a large number of birth records, marriage records, etc.

You’ve got a handful of obituaries and newspaper items to “prove” the lineage in the 20th century part of the tree you have compiled for this match.

What’s the chance those items don’t distinguish between step-children and children? Is it possible, if you’ve only got a few references on each relationship that what you think are the biological relatives are actually step-relatives? While those people may have been parents/grandparents in a variety of extremely important ways and may have raised the person and been their parent, the DNA matches reflect who reproduced with whom.

Is that why the analysis of some matches is confusing?

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