Using or Sharing Tips

I’m glad that others want to share Genealogy Tip of the Day with others. However, I do request that you share in such a way that credits Michael John Neill as the author and Genealogy Tip of the Day as the site of publication.

We don’t require payment to reprint or re-use tips. Our suggested citation is actually pretty simple. This tip appeared in Genealogy Tip of the Day ( by Michael John Neill on 24 December 2022 (or whatever date it was).

That’s all. I’ve seen newsletters fill entire pages with our tips–which is fine–except there was no author name, date, or original source of publication. That’s not so fine.

The tips are distributed freely (and I’m happy to do so), but they do help drive traffic on our site to things that bring in some revenue. And that helps keep the lights on here at Genealogy Tip of the Day. 

We appreciate your cooperation and your continued support of Genealogy Tip of the Day.