Santa’s Goodies

May be an image of 1 person and indoor

The grandson left Christmas goodies for Santa on an old cookstove that originally belonged to his great-great-grandparents. The picture actually taken included the entire stove and the entire grandson and was appropriately labeled and identified.

Everyone was named in the caption. The words “Mom,” “Dad,” “Grandma,” etc. were not used. Names were used along with years of birth and death where appropriate, for example:

  • Ida (Trautvetter) Neill [1910-1994]
  • Keith Neill [1941-2022]

What little I know about the cookstove’s origins–that it belonged to my grandparents, that my Mom had it cleaned up and painted in the early 2000s, and that my parents had it in their home until they passed–was included. No pronouns were used in the description as sometimes “he,” “she,” “they,” etc. do not always clearly indicate to whom they are referring.

When you write photo captions, remember that you are writing for someone who does not know any of the people involved and for someone who will not be able to ask for clarification.