In some cultures and time periods, if a child died the parents might use that same name for the next child of the same gender. I have one 18th century German couple who named three children Reenste. After the first Reenste died, the next daughter was given the same name. After the second Reenste died, the next daughter was named Reenste. Fortunately the third Reenste lived to adulthood.

Did your family use the same name more than once?



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  1. YES!! When a child named Mary died another child was named Mary. In this case the mother's name was also Mary. I also wonder about the tradition of using family names as middle names. In this case, the father was James. The first son was names James BYRD; second son William WELD; Third son Henry W. (I think William); Forth son Carson. What is the tradition of nameing the children after a parents/mothers maiden name? also is there a tradition on the naming of the daughters? First daughter was Jane; second daughter was Loraine; Third and forth daughters were Mary. Would the first daughters be named after a grandparent?

  2. I have found the same thing – one family with three Marys. It can be very confusing and I have found other family trees for the same family that have it all mixed up. I always put plenty of notes in my files and on my posted trees when I find things like this.

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