I have put two new webinars on the docket for later this month, based upon requests of attendees. “Crossing the Pond (part 2)” will concentrate on using, interpreting, and understanding passenger lists between 1820 and 1920.“American Revolutionary War Material on Fold3” will discuss what revolutionary material is on Fold3 and effective search strategies. Material from this era is not just for veterans of that conflict.Details are located at the site below (where you can also register). Join us by visiting:http://www.casefileclues.com/webinars_neill.htmThanks!Michael ———————————— Check out GenealogyBank’s Offer for Tip of the Day Fans!
If your ancestor died with a widow surviving with minor children, a guardian might have been appointed by the local court. This guardian frequently was not the widow. The widow was the natural guardian who had physical custody of the child. The guardian appointed by the court was a guardian to oversee the estate the child inherited. The guardian of the child’s estate did not necessarily take custody of the child. ———————————— Check out GenealogyBank’s Offer for Tip of the Day Fans!
To celebrate my annual trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake, we are running our $5 special from now until I depart for Salt Lake on Monday afternoon at 4:00 PM CST. Our $5 sale concentrates on a variety of methodology items, including: Creating Research Plans The Genealogical Proof Standard Female Ancestors Making and Proving Your Case Court Records Seeing the Patterns and more. To see the entire list and get the linking to the discount prices, visit this page: http://blog.casefileclues.com/p/5-webinar-sale.html We’re hoping to get new tip of the day ideas and blog post material in Salt Lake. Stay tuned. ———————————— Check out GenealogyBank’s Offer for Tip of the Day Fans!
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