Half of our ancestors are female and yet researching them adequately (or even not so adequately) often takes more than half of our time.

 This webinar presents some suggestions for tracking the ladies in your family tree along with pitfalls and a discussion of why researching females is different. Presentation is made through examples and specific situations which explain methodology clearly and succinctly. Researching female ancestors is not difficult, but does require the researcher to get outside of techniques that may emphasize male ancestors.
This presentation is geared towards advanced beginners or intermediate researchers. True beginners might find it valuable as well–if only to make them aware that there is hope.

You can order the download of “Female Ancestors” today for $4–using the link below. Download links will be sent as separate emails.

If the link does not work, email me directly at mjnrootdig@gmail.com for order processing.



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