Do not always assume that individuals with the same last name “have” to be related. It could simply be that the last name is more common in that local area than you know.



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  1. Also don't forget the Dutch for example. I have three different families with 4-6 different spellings of their names. Most of the Emigrant's sons took a different variation of their surname which makes it confusing and also causes repeats of people in you tree.

    In fact I have a mess to clean up that I found today, after looking at you Tips for the day because I have one family with 4 different surnames. and if I was to check the index to see if I have a spouse already to attach, I would enter another of the same person.

    To keep from repeating people, I use the father's name first and put their in quotes and note their page they are using the surname in quotes not their father's.

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