Take a look at that stone for your ancestors who died in the 1840s. Does it look like it is made of the same material as other stones from that time, or does it have the look of stones from the early 1900s or even the look of stones from the late 20th century?

The stone may not be the original. A picture would obviously be a great to provide evidence of this. but if that is not possible make a note in your files that you do not think the stone is the original.

Stones made near the time of death can have errors. Ones carved a hundred later can as well.



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  1. How true. In 1980 we had a stone set for my 2X great grandfather, who died in 1893, because there was none in the small cemetery in S. Illinois. Also, in my local town, the Cemetery Commission is placing small stones on all the unmarked graves in the oldest portion of our cemetery (1840). It is such a nice touch to put a stone with at least a name and if available, the year of death.

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