Your relative may know more about deceased family members than they are willing to tell you. And they may never tell you everything you know, no matter how much you wish they would or how many times you ask. For reasons that are entirely too long for a “short tip,” I know my own grandmother knew more about her grandfather than she ever told me, including the fact that he had a second wife. Yet my queries about him always received a “don’t know anything response.”

Sometimes that is all you are going to get and sometimes you have to let it go to preserve relationships with your living relatives.



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  1. Yep, I have a cousin like that. She has a box full of info in the attic but just won't dig into it, or give it to me would be even better. Oh well.

  2. Ah Yes, Myfamily of which I know nothing about.Asfar back as Ican remember we were told nothing about the Family. No word was ever mentioned about my Farther or mother!! Nice! AS far as I know they came from Mars.So here I sit online going through Census Records trying to find anything about them. Am I wasting my time should I just Forget about them and move on?

  3. Absolutely not. Never give up. You will find things you never dreamed of. Just keep on looking. When I started, I had to do everything by mail, even dead ends, but with today's technology, you can find almost anything.

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