This was a comment posted by one of our Facebook fans, but it makes for an excellent tip of the day.

Do the dates “fit?” Can the parent be having children at that age? Are they too old? Are they too young?
Are the parents dying before the children are born? A father can die 6 months before the child is born, but a mother dying 6 years before the child is born is not possible.
Genealogy isn’t connecting the dots (well, most of the time), but often it is about the numbers. 



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  1. With Dutch custom, men want to better themselves first by getting a portion of the land from the will since land will stay in the family for over 200 yrs. So most Dutch researchers average a man getting married about 22, 19 the earliest and a female normally about 18 or 16 the earliest. Except today I had my youngest at 13 yrs 11 mths. So it happens but not often.

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