While some relatives take their family history stories to their grave, others become more willing to tell stories as they age.

The reasons do not matter, but remain open to the possibility that Aunt Martha may eventually decide that the world will not end if she tells you that “family secret.”

Or course some people are not going to tell you things no matter what.

But some do become more open with age. It may be worth a try.



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  1. But like my grandmother who talked about her yrs growing up as if they were yesterday, she down right refused to tell me anything about my grandfather because she acted like she was never married to him. The trick around that since he died when I was one is to have a casual conversation with them

    Like asking since he died when I was one, what was he like, his dislikes etc. Then slip in some family questions in a conversational. Instead of out right asking your questions directly or they will build that brick wall between the two of you and shutdown so you will never get a thing out of them.

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